Municipal Christmas Decoration Services

What could be more delightful for holiday shoppers than an evening stroll down a beautifully lit street in their own town? A tasteful holiday light display increases local morale, and attracts customers to downtown areas. But, setting up an enchanting display is not easy, and municipal employees may not be trained in this area.

Bright Christmas can help! We are fully trained, insured professionals who have had the pleasure of creating charming holiday light displays for cities and counties like yours. We design displays that wow citizens and help local businesses. And, once it’s up, we provide regular maintenance to keep it looking great.

We love to help people celebrate the season, and would love to help you.

We start with a free initial consultation, so call to schedule your appointment today!

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Municipal Services Frequently Asked Questions

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    Q: What can you do for my city or business?

    A: We can decorate light pools with garland, snowflakes, or a verity of other options. We can also decorate trees to illuminate roadways and parking lots, and hang holiday flags, or street banners.

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    Q: Why hire a pro?

    A: Christmas light installation is harder than you might think. It can also be dangerous, time consuming, and frustrating. Bright Christmas knows one thing—Christmas lights—and our professional installers can provide a beautiful display for you, leaving you time with your family or business, and avoiding the frustration and danger that results when you don’t have the right tools or training.

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    Q: Why Bright Christmas?

    A: We are not a landscaper, painter, or the guy next door. We do one thing, and one thing only: Christmas lights. We provide the best service and guarantee customer satisfaction. We have years of experience, and we know how to build elegant, safe displays. We don’t use staples or any other method that could damage your property. We take pride in our work, and stand by each of our installations.

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    Q: How much does light installation cost?

    A: The cost ranges depending on complexity of installation, number of lights, type of lights, etc. We use a simple hourly rate that includes all standard incandescent lights, timers, cords, and labor. Our rate for the 2010 season is $275/hour, which includes our crew to do the install. Greenery and specialty lights (LED) cost more. Removal and custom quotes are always FREE. Commercial and municipal jobs are always custom quoted.

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    Q: Are there any extra fees?

    A: NO. Bright Christmas’ prices are all-inclusive of installation, removal, and storage, with nothing to worry about—EVER!

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    Q: When is payment due?

    A: A $100 deposit is required to hold your spot on the calendar, with the remainder due at the time of installation. Payment terms for commercial and municipal customers are negotiable.

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    Q: Do we use your lights our ours?

    A: Bright Christmas provides a wide range of options. All lights, greenery, and accessories are included with the service, and are provided by Bright Christmas for your use. You do not need to buy or store anything, or worry about worn décor or out bulbs. You also have the option of using lights you already own, and Bright Christmas will store them for you for FREE until next year.

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    Q: Is there a difference in the lights you use verses those that can be purchased at Walmart?

    A: YES. We use only commercial grade professional lights manufactured to the highest quality. All our lights are UL-rated and provided by some of the best suppliers in the United States.

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    Q: Is there a difference in price if we own lights already?

    A: YES. If you already own lights, we reduce our fee. However, because we do not provide the lights, we cannot guarantee their quality, and you may be charged a service fee for return visits if bulbs burn out during the season. Also, if you do not have enough lights to complete your display, Bright Christmas can sell you lights to complete your display, but we do not mix your lights with those that would be provided as part of our signature service.

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    Q: For large city and commercial projects, do you lease or sell lights?

    A: BOTH. Bright Christmas can provide your company a full OPEX model installation, or a wide range of financing or purchase options. Purchasing is often the most cost effective long-term strategy when buying LED or other large commercial or municipal displays.

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    Q: How far in advance do I need to schedule service?

    A: ASAP! Our calendar fills quickly and installations start earlier then many people think. We can generally fit in last minute requests, but, to get the best rate and insure your display is ready when you want it to be, don’t wait. We take appointments up to a year in advance, and recommend customers take advantage of early season discounts.

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    Q: When do you start putting up displays?

    A: We start in October. Most commercial and municipal displays are installed prior to or just after Halloween. Residential installations can be done just as early, and our crews work until December 15, finishing installations. Many customers choose to have lights put up early and don’t turn them on until later in the season. As lights are hard to see from the street, and we offer reduced rates for earlier installations, this is a good option to consider.

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    Q: When do you take down the display?

    A: We start removal on the 2nd of January. We can work with you to determine how long to leave your display up. Generally, all displays are removed by the end of January, weather permitting. Commercial and municipal displays can be left up until March if requested.

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    Q: How do you ensure our display stays looking good throughout the season?

    A: We drive by all commercial and municipal installations twice weekly to check for out bulbs or anything out of place. We fix the problem on the spot, or return within 24 hours.

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    Q: Can you provide interior décor?

    A: YES. In addition to outdoor displays, Bright Christmas can provide seasonal décor for the interior of your home or business, including Christmas trees, garland, and other items to help you express the spirit of the season.

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    Q: Do you supply timers, or do we need to provide them?

    A: All of our displays include timers. You do not need to do anything, and your lights will come on automatically night after night. You can choose how long to leave them on, or at what time they come on and shut off. We will work with you to determine the best timing for your area.

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    Q: Do we need to hire an electrician?

    A: Generally not. However, for some displays an electrician may be required. This is especially true of very large displays or those where there is currently no power. Bright Christmas can put you in touch with an electrician and help you consult with them to ensure you get exactly what is required.

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    Q: Is there a limit to how high or on what type of roof you can install lights?

    A: Generally, two stories is the maximum height; however, higher displays and complex roofs can be decorated with special tools (boom trucks, hook ladders, etc.) at an additional cost.

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    Q: Do you do animated displays?

    A: YES. Most of the displays we do are elegant static displays, but we can provide animated displays that will amaze all who see them and make your business or home draw attention from all around. Animated displays start at $1,500, and prices run into the tens of thousands of dollars.

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    Q: How tall a tree can you decorate?

    A: Anything under 20’ is standard for us, but we can decorate trees of nearly any size. At maximum, we can decorate any tree we can reach with a 60’ boom truck—about 45’ with a 20’ radius.

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    Q: Do you decorate churches?

    A: It is the reason for the season. Bright Christmas is about Christmas and we love to help people celebrate. We provide deep discounts to churches in northern Colorado and would love to help you create a display that will help fill your congregation and promote the real meaning of Christmas.

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    Q: Are you insured?

    A: Yes, Bright Christmas, Inc. carries general liability insurance of $1 Million.

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